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Be a Park Angel

Parks and outdoors are our lifestyle, and are treasured deeply inside us being proud Canadians. Aligned with the purpose of Switzer Park Watersport Rentals, we want this service to offer a long-term affordable, convenient, and appealing experience to visitors in the park and people around Hinton. Being part of this program means contributing to a good experience for visitors and keeping the park clean, it means we deeply care about the environment and our parks.

How to get involved? In your booking page, check the box to be a candidate for a Park Angel. If you are selected, you will be contacted for more details. Essentially, what's required is to keep the area clean and in good order, such as to make sure the boats are locked on the rack properly, lifejackets are on the rack in order and the paddles are also in order, pick up garbage around the area if any, and report any issues with the boats or the surrounding area in the park, which may be reported to the Parks administration if things are out of our control.

If you are not selected, or if you don't intend to participate in this program, but you have things to report, please feel free to contact us as well. 

You will get, either

Some discounts for your next booking, 

or a small appreciation for a couple of cups of coffee (or icecream),

and you can send us photos to post on our website to show your experience, and being a role model earth citizen!

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